Daniel John Croke

This is the story of Daniel John Croke.  Daniel John Croke was born in Brisbane in July 1927. Daniel Croke’s father’s ancestry was almost entirely Irish.  Daniel Croke was the eldest of 4 children.  His parents were married in Brisbane and the family lived in various Australian Cities during their lifetime.

Daniel’s earliest recollections were of a brick and tile house in the suburb of Holland Park Brisbane.  The house was small and so was the block it was located on.  There was a small front verandah and a central hallway. On the right side of the  hallway was a small dining room that opened onto a lounge room and on the other side were bedrooms. There was also a small bathroom and the toilet was outside.

This was the time of the horse, all deliveries were made by horse drawn vehicles. Dan the grocer called regularly to collect his order which he delivered later in the day and milk and bread were delivered every day.  Fruit came on a large horse drawn barrow, so did firewood and ice.

Although Daniel’s family was not well off, he had a happy home life.  Daniel Croke’s mother was a gentle woman who loved her family and was content to do anything around the house. Annual holidays were usually a camping trip to the beach.

Daniel Croke’s schooling was unremarkable and his first job was as a shop assistant. He later changed jobs regularly.  Daniel went on to marry and have two children, his first child was named Daniel John Croke jnr and his second son was William Daniel Croke.

Daniel John Croke was a remarkable father and family man.  After a full life he passed away in 2014.

This website is a mark of respect to his memory as without him the Croke family as it is today would not exist.